Am I right for you?

“How do I know you’re the right fit for my marketing writing needs?” you may ask. Fair enough. Let’s see.

Kimmo’s work for TietoEnator has received very good comments. I liked his staying in constant contact during the project, his way to work and contribute; everything was absolutely professional and it is a pleasure to work with him! The copy he produced was of high quality, exactly fitting the situation and speaking to the target group.
—Rolf Lindenberg, Regional Communication Manager at Alfa Laval

I work with business-to-business companies, particularly those who operate internationally, as well as advertising agencies with B2B clients.

Whatever your industry or size, it’s probably safe to assume that every new customer, sale or business agreement is important for you.

Are any of these statements true for you?

  • You’re looking for better return on your advertising investment. You need a capable writer who can present your mission and message to your prospects better than your present partners.
  • You have a limited marketing budget, but you still need to achieve your crucial goals to be successful in your business.
  • Your business is slowing down because of the present economic downturn and you’re unsure of how you should improve your marketing message not to lose sales or market share to your competitors.
  • Your marketing materials are produced as a response to situations your company finds itself in instead of following a pre-thought plan, policy or structure.
  • You would like to put your money to more efficient use. Your marketing works all right, but you have a persistent feeling you’re investing enough to expect more results.
  • Your present marketing materials only talk about you instead of telling your customers how they can benefit from doing business with you, not one of your competitors. In other words, they are about “we” rather than “you”.

I have helped others in your situation. My clients have come from the pulp & paper, wood processing, steel and machine building industries, engineering, electronics manufacturing, information technology, banking & insurance, media, a wide variety of service businesses…

What is possible for you, then?

Every client’s needs are specific, but certain patterns have emerged during the 20+ years I’ve been in business. I can tap into that vast reserve of experience to quickly grasp the essence of your problem and suggest a solution that addresses your needs.

Will it work for you?

It will, if you’re comfortable with some basics:

  • You lay your cards on the table. I need hard, solid, un-beautified facts to work on. I may have a lot of questions, which need to be answered brutally honestly. Only then will I fully understand your situation and be able to craft your message in a way that delivers.
  • You stand 100% behind what we are doing. Creating a message that will bring you more business requires that your whole team supports a unified set of values, objectives and priorities. Contradictions in opinions have been settled by now.
  • The team involved is half a dozen people or less. As someone said, “committees cannot create, they can only criticise”.
  • Your ultimate goal is systematic marketing. You are aiming for a consistent, parametrised message for your brand, company or product. You understand that producing ad-hoc marketing materials that fail to interconnect is only an attempt at curing an illness instead of staying in good health.
  • You’re willing to break your industry’s conventions. Instead of “this is how it’s always been done” you have no problem accepting “let’s do it differently”.
  • You’re prepared to see the project to the end. If there should be changes in your team or the market conditions for which we are crafting your message, you can react swiftly and appropriately to keep the project on track. Leaving the project hanging in the air will be nothing but a waste of your time and money.

By now, you’re probably anxious to know how all this works. Either jump right to the services I offer or first get to know what you will get working with me. Or perhaps you’d like to see some work samples?

Of course, we could also talk about working together right away. It’s easy. Just send me a message and I’ll get back to you.

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