7 reasons why B2B marketers should use social media

Many B2B companies are somehow inherently averse to social media, especially those in the SMB category.

It’s easy to come up with reasons for that, but I think every SMB owner/marketer should take a look at why it might be beneficial to show your face to the world more widely.

B2B Marketing Insider provides a good starting point. Below are 7 reasons why it might be worth your while to explore social media after all. And they don’t even mention the SEO benefits. Click the link at the end for the entire article.

  1. Social media provides the multiple touch points the B2B buying process demands
  2. Social media can help identify hard to reach contacts within organizations
  3. B2B professional are already actively networking
  4. Social media enables 3rd-party influence on the purchase decision
  5. It’s easy to showcase thought leadership through social media channels
  6. Social media is cost effective
  7. Social media enables rapid response to the unique requirements of the B2B buying process

Read more at www.b2bmarketinginsider.com

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