5 things not to do online

I’m sure we all have our pet peeves as far as other people’s online behaviour is concerned, but listening to other people and adding my own, you might want to reconsider if you’re doing any (or, horrors, all) of these:

  1. Post incessant Foursquare updates. Okay, if you’re looking for company when sitting at the local Starbucks between meetings, fine, but people who send their whereabouts every 25 minutes just drive their readers crazy.
  2. Automatically cross-post everything. I know many people are present on multiple social media platforms, but for heaven’s sake, make those hangouts of yours differ from each other SOMEHOW. It’s really annoying to read the same thank-yous for Twitter FFs on every site you can be found on.
  3. Post all your Klout +Ks. This might be a built-in thing Klout does without you even wanting to (I don’t know), so my apologies if I’m accusing you wrongfully.
  4. Wander too far away from the topic your audience perceives you as an expert in. Personal blog posts, tweets and what-have-you are OK occasionally, but you’ll just perplex your readers if you usually blog about social media and suddenly spend two days on dog breeding.
  5. Rant or swear. Differing opinions and dissent are fine. But nobody wants to be in the company of someone who’s permanently whining or cursing. The F-word is a great attention-grabber, but what does it say about you as a professional?

Perhaps I should add number 6: write yet another “X things not to…” post. What’s your take?

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  1. Anonymous - 2012-02-27 @ 21:56

    Good list, short and to the point! Thanks for sharing your insights on what not to do with SM.

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